Wow people with a bespoke, branded unboxing experience. 80%+ of customers would share an image of a package on social media if it arrives in unique, branded packaging.

Furthermore, tailoring your packaging is often a great opportunity to reflect and reduce wastage in your business.

Our eco-friendly materials

Recycled paper

Renewable and recycled materials.

Best end of life: recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. Ocean-friendly.

Widely recognised by consumers as eco-friendly material.

Recycled plastic, biodegradable

Recycled material.

Lowest carbon footprint. Save 30%+ carbon emission compared to virgin plastic.

Superb usability: durable, waterproof, lightweight, no shelf expiry.

Easy end of life: recyclable.


Renewable material made of wood fibers.

Luxurious and unique texture. Soft to touch, quiet with high printability.

Highly reusable.

Superb end of life: recyclable and compostable. Ocean-friendly.


We work with manufactures that can provide the sustainability claims certifications you might want.

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Going plastic-free? Looking for responsibly sourced materials? Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Whatever your sustainability goals are, let us help you problem solve.