Our story

Shellify has a simple goal: to be the best place to buy eco-friendly products so businesses can become less trashy. To do so, we curated the best of what’s out there with a streamlined the buying process.

Our focus

We focus on serving businesses in Asia where composting facilities are pretty much non existent. All of our products incorporate the maximum amount of plant-based renewable or recycled materials and has a viable end-of-life, that is recyclable and/or landfill biodegradable.

We're very far from being perfect - but we're working on getting there.

Our founder

Diane Yeung is a mom of 2 kids, wife, certified life coach and has a passion for the outdoor and the nature. With her versatile background in environmental engineering, fund raising and e-commerce, she's a problem solver who's committed to help businesses tackle anything along their sustainability journey. During her decade-long career at a tech giant, she was a key member in spearheading Hong Kong's first paperless initial public offering (IPO), saving many trees for once and for all!